VedoMax Marigold Tea | Calendula Tea | Healthy Blend | Calendula Tea Flowers

VedoMax Marigold Tea | Calendula Tea | Healthy Blend | Calendula Tea Flowers


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  • Supports skin healing.
  • Contains natural antiseptic/anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Comprises pre-cursors to the production of antioxidant Vitamin A.
  • Reduces eye infections and protects from UV and oxidative damage.
  • Helps to soothe the mucus membranes of the throat whilst easing the pain.

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VedoMax Marigold Tea | Calendula Tea | Yellow and Orange Marigold Tea | Healthy Blend | Herbal Tea | Flower Petals Tea, Free Caffeine

Form: Raw Herb – Dried Flower

VedoMax Marigold flowers are found almost everywhere in the world. These flowers grow easily, blossom reliably, and have fewer insect and disease problems. Marigolds are highly valuable for medicinal purposes like headaches, swelling, toothache, wounds, and many skin problems. In addition, they have been used in cooking. It is said that marigold flowers originated in Egypt and the Romans first introduced it to Britain and other nations. Marigold was one of the earliest cultivated flowers. The ancient Greeks used the petals of marigolds for decorations and other purposes like make-up, coloring food (stews, soups, pudding, etc) dying fabrics & medicinal uses.

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