Vedomax Kamal Gatta – Kamal Beej – Lotus Seeds – Nelumbo Nucifera

Vedomax Kamal Gatta – Kamal Beej – Lotus Seeds – Nelumbo Nucifera


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Health Benefits Of Kamal Gota:
  • Kamal Gota Improves Digestion: …
  • Makhana Improves Sexual Performance: …
  • Kamal Gota Improves Heart Health: …
  • Makhana Helps Maintains Blood Pressure: …
  • Kamal Gota Promotes Stress Relief: …
  • Makhana Supports Better Skin And Hair Health:

More Details

The Kamal plant is known to provide a myriad of health benefits to its users. In Ayurveda, its root, seeds, stalk, fruits, leaves, and flowers all have unique properties that promote these health benefits.

The active component in this plant is Rhizome extract which is shown to have psychopharmacological, diuretic, anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, antipyretic, and hypoglycemic properties.

The seeds of the Lotus plant are rich in nutrients and dietary fibres, making it a digestive booster. It works by boosting the secretion of gastric juices to help improve digestion. Kamal gatta also activates intestinal motion to help smoothen bowel movements. This benefit allows Kamal Gota to be incorporated in Ayurvedic diarrhoea treatment as well as anti-diarrhoea supplements.


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