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VedoMax Tal Makhana Seeds | Talmakhana Beej | Kokilaksha Beej |Asteracantha Longifolia –


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Talmakhana or Asteracantha longifolia is a herb that is packed with some of the best and the most effective medicinal properties. It helps in healing a number of health problems and they are as follows:


    • Talmakhana alleviates polluted air and therefore it is helpful in eradicating diseases caused due to polluted air.
    • It is one of the most powerful herbs that can help in curing inflammatory arthritis and gouty arthritis. It is also effective in treating crystal arthritis which is limited to the blood and the skin.
    • It eradicates intermediate digestion products or metabolites along with endo-toxins.
    • Talmakhana reduces inflammation and swelling and therefore it is useful in non-inflammatory and inflammatory diseases.
    • It is an excellent diuretic that helps in the elimination of calculi and gravel. These are bladder and kidney stones. It also relives cystitis and dysuria.
    • It helps by relieving thirst.
    • Talmakhana is beneficial in hepatomegaly, ascitis and eye disorders.
    • The herb treats abdominal disorders like spleenomegaly in the most effective manner.
    • It works by alleviating jaundice and cleansing and purifying semen.
    • It offers great nourishment and is also a strength promoter.
    • It can even be used in the form of an aphrodisiac.

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Talmakhana (Asteracantha longifolia)

Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Talmakhana

There are different types of wetland herbs and aquatic weeds found to possess extremely useful and effective medicinal values. Talmakhana is one among these weeds and herbs. Taxonomically, this herb is called Asteracantha longifolia and it is a plant with excellent ethno-botanical significance. The plant is erect and robust and it is basically an annual herb featuring pale to purple flowers and oblanceolate leaves. It features oblong fruits which are 4 to 8 seeded. It is one of the most important herbs used for managing gouty arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.



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