Vedomax Imli Beej Powder – Imli Seed Powder – Tamarind Seeds Powder – Tamarindus Indica

Vedomax Imli Beej Powder – Imli Seed Powder – Tamarind Seeds Powder – Tamarindus Indica


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Tamarind seed powder are packed with immune boosting properties. It helps production of hemoglobin, white blood cells, red bloods cells and platelets. It also helps increase the level of immune cells, CD8+, CD4+, all these offer protection against numerous infections as well as diseases.

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Its anti-inflammatory property eases out joint pain, especially in people suffering from arthritis. Consume ½ a teaspoon of roasted tamarind seed powder twice a day with water to boost joint lubrication which soothes pain.
  • *Tamarind is the fruit of Tamarindus indica and Tamarind seeds are shiny black in color and have numerous benefits.
  • *Tamarind seed powders are beneficial for skin care. Tamarind seed boosts skin elasticity, provides hydration and smoothness. This contains hyaluronic acid that helps in skin moisturization and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • *Tamarind seed is water-soluble, hence it is used for serums, gels, facial toners, moisturizers and masks. This also acts as an anti-aging formula.
  • *Tamarind seeds are very beneficial for the skin and can act like an anti-aging formula. Tamarind seeds contain hyaluronic acid whose presence gives the extracts of the seed the ability to keep the skin fresh, moisturized, and reduce fine lines. Some users of the Tamarind take it to reduce the effects of aging on their skins as the extracts help dissolve wrinkles and maintain smooth skin.

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