VedoMax Shikakai Powder | Acacia Concinna

VedoMax Shikakai Powder | Acacia Concinna


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Benefits of using shikakai on your skin
  • – Effective in treating scabies You can use shikakai to treat skin ailments like scabies. To reap maximum benefits, you can make an antiseptic body wash using shikakai and turmeric. …
  • – Use shikakai to treat spots. …
  • – To treat minor cuts and boils on your scalp.


More Details

Shikakai powder is used to treat various hair and scalp related issues. Also, the micronutrients found in shikakai help with hair nourishment. Shikakai helps with hair growth, lesser hair fall, and breakage and also helps bring the bounce and shine to the hair.

Shikakai is extremely gentle on your hair and does not strip it off it’s natural oils. This ensures that washing your hair with shikakai will leave your hair super soft and conditioned. This is much better than the detergent-laden shampoos, as they end up stripping and damaging your hair.



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