Vedomax Gunja Lal Seeds – Chirmati Red Beej – Lal Ratti – Rosary Pea – Abrus Precatorius

Vedomax Gunja Lal Seeds – Chirmati Red Beej – Lal Ratti – Rosary Pea – Abrus Precatorius


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It helps to solve digestive problems and improves appetite and taste It also has some beneficial effect on vision Wound healing improves with use Gunja helps in improving the texture of the skin and hair. Gunja also helps strengthen immunity and provides bodily strength working as a general body stengthener.


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Coral bead vine (Ratti Seeds Benefits) has a religious importance. The seeds are used for the fulfillment of desire. The roots are also used in religious performances. The person who trusts on this act are always benefited. Basically Roots and beads are the most significant parts. Some of the usefulness of the above two is given here under.

One day prior to Ravi Pushya or Guru Pushya constellation, water this plant and pray the tree after burning an aggarbatti and resolute that your work becomes successful. Next day again water the plant burn aggarbatti and take out the root with the help of a wooden stick during sunrise and by keeping silence bring it home. Thereafter wash it with water of Ganges.

Sit on a woollen mattress facing east or north. Take a wooden stool cover it by a red cloth and put the root on it. Show a lit aggarbatti to it and chant the spell of your own deity for one rosary. It will remove the obstacles for which your business is being affected. Moreover your debts will be finished. After sanctifying the root, keep the root wrapped by the red cloth in your chest. Money will start flowing in.

If the root is crushed and made paste by a virgin girl and that paste is used as punctum, he will never fail in any work, and get respect from others.

The piece of root if crushed with goat milk and rubbed with the palms, the man becomes intelligent and his memory becomes sharp.

In an auspicious period collect 21 seeds. Chant the spell of Lord Krishna silently and tie the seeds in a red cloth and hold it around the waist of a woman who wants to have a son in progeny. He will definitely get a son.

If the seed of this Ratti Seeds (Ratti Seeds Benefits) tree is rubbed with water and the paste is used as punctum for a student, the student turns studious and intelligent.

Other Names: Kundumani, Gulugunji, Ratti, Chirmi Beads, jequirity bean, rosary pea, or crab-eye seed, Batrah hindi, Qulqul, Shashm, Liluwani, Raturmani, Chun hali, Gunj (Goontch), Gunja, Gunjika, Gurgonje, Kunch, Kuncha, Chanothi, Gunja, Ratti, Gunchi,Ganji, Gulganju, Gulugani, Gulugunji, Gungi, Madhuka, Kenderi, Piling-piling, Pokok saga, Pokok tasbih, Saga, Taning bajang, Kunni, Chanoti, Gunja, Goonteh, Gunehi, Madhuyashti, Rati, Runji, Lagrigunchi, Ratak, Gunjaa, Madhuyashtika, Raktika, Rati, Gundumani, Kunyi, Kunyimni, Kundu manni, Kuntumani, Gunja, Guriginja, Raktgunja, Rakt Gunja, Guruginia, Guruvenda, Raktika, Khakshi, Qirat, Surkh, Ganchi, Guncai, Gunch, Gunche, Kunch, Masha, Patahika


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