Vedomax Beej Puwar – Pawar Seeds – Panwar Seeds – Cassia Tora Seeds – Chakarmarda

Vedomax Beej Puwar – Pawar Seeds – Panwar Seeds – Cassia Tora Seeds – Chakarmarda


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  1. The seeds are used as coffee substitute.
  2. They have significant antioxidant properties.
  3. They protect the liver from damage.
  4. They are used to treat herpes, diseases of eyes and to heal infected sores.
  5. They have hypotensive action and used to lower blood pressure.
  6. The seeds intake gives relief in constipation.
  7. The intake of roasted seeds helps in headache.
  8. Externally, the seeds are mashed in vinegar or alcohol and applied on eczema. Or the seed paste with turmeric and mustard oil is applied topically.
  9. In medicine preparation, the gum obtained from seeds are used as emulsifying and binding agent.

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Alternatively, it is mixed with guar gum for use in mining and other industrial applications. The seeds and leaves are also used to treat skin disease and its seeds can be utilized as a laxative. … Other medicinal provisions from plant parts include balm for arthritis using leaves of Cassia tora.

Cassia tora or Senna tora occurs throughout the tropics, including India Sri Lanka and Philippines. It mainly grows as a weed on roadsides and waste ground in the dry regions and is commonly known as Panwarh, Chakunda, Chakramard, Reli, Elwan, Edagaja, Dadrughna, Sickle senna, Sickle pod, Tora, Tovara, chakvad, Thakara, foetid cassia or Ringworm plant.


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