Vedomax Harmal Seeds – Syrian Rue – Isband Beej – Harmel seeds – Hermal – Peganum Harmala

Vedomax Harmal Seeds – Syrian Rue – Isband Beej – Harmel seeds – Hermal – Peganum Harmala


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  • Dried Herb
  • We provide Authentic Herbs, prepared according to the GMP guidelines. Exceptional consideration is taken to utilize the new and pure ingredients, the herbs are appropriately scrubbed and handled according to the customary techniques to hold its regular smell, shading, taste and viability and keeping up the quality.
  • Non GMO, No Trans-fats, cooking oils, No chemicals, preservatives, Colors, flavours, Nothing artificial added.
  • Wild Harvested Herbs.

More Details

Peganum Harmala, also known as Harmal, is a perennial plant of African origin, mainly grown in the Middle East and in parts of South Asia mainly in India and Pakistan. It is also known as Syrian rue and Wild rue. It grows to about 2.5 feet – 1 foot tall and is adversely known for its various uses.

One of the main uses of Harmel seeds includes the extraction of dyes. The seeds of the plant are believed to release a red dye, called the “Turkey Red”, often used to dye carpets in Western carpets. Found vehemently in the lustrous mountains of the Himalayas, from Afghanistan to Kashmir, prominently in Ladakh and the Kashmir Valley, Harmal also has some evident values.

Being a medicinal plant, Harmal is used in various Ayurveda medicines. The seeds especially the dried seeds of the plant, leaves, bark, and roots of the plant have high medicinal potential. Analytical studies on the chemical composition of Harmal demonstrate that the beta-carboline alkaloids such as Harmalol, Harmaline and harmine are the reason for the medical use of this plant in various Ayurvedic medicines.



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