Vedomax Kateri Seeds – Bhatkatiya – Kantakari – Katehri Beej – Beej Kateli

Vedomax Kateri Seeds – Bhatkatiya – Kantakari – Katehri Beej – Beej Kateli


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The fruits of the Kateri are like small and round berries. The exercise is about 0.8 – 1 cm. When the fruit is raw, it has a green colour with white. But after ripening, the color of this fruit becomes yellow.

Epilepsy is also a serious health problem. But the benefits of Kateri are effective in treating epilepsy. For this you remove the juice of the leaves of fresh bhataiya. Add this juice 2 drop volume regularly to your nostrils in the morning. Doing so reduces the likelihood of epilepsy to the patient.

Inflammation of the liver can be caused by bacteria and infections present here. But you can use kateri to keep your liver healthy. Kateri works as a tonic for the liver. Regular intake of kateri decoction can reduce the infection and inflammation present in the liver.

It is also beneficial for pregnant women to use Bhataiya. To prevent vomiting and nausea during pregnancy, take the Kateri Panchang (5 grams) and Munkka (5-6) and make it a brew by boiling it in water. Regular intake of this decoction can relieve the pregnant woman from vomiting and nausea. It is also a good way to improve their appetite.

More Details

Kateri, also known as Kantakari and Bhatkataiya. It has many names in Hindi such as Chhoti Katai, Bhatkaiya, Rangani, Rigoni, Katali, Katayali, etc. This is a thorny plant that grows on the ground. Kateri is often found in abundance in shrubs and forests and people regard this as a wild plant. There are three species of Kateri plant namely Chota Kateri (Solanum virginiannumLinn), Bada Kateri (Solanum Bangui Lam) and White Kateri (Solanum lasiocarpum Dunal) which are all used as medicinal herbs to cure several diseases including migraine, kidney and bladder stone, liver enlargement, to name but a few. This article is all about Kateri herb and its exceptional health benefits.


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