Vedomax Subabul Seeds – Safed Babool Beej – Babul Beej – Leucaena Leucocephala

Vedomax Subabul Seeds – Safed Babool Beej – Babul Beej – Leucaena Leucocephala


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Lead tree acts as a natural skin toner. Leaves and seeds are used to treat various skin diseases. It is the most effective skin toner.
– The gum released from the trunk of the lead tree can be used to remove body hair. It causes no side-effects on the skin.
– The bark of this tree acts as analgesic known to inhibit muscle pain. – Leaves and seeds of this tree are an effective remedy for eczema.
– The oil from seeds is used to treat dandruff.
– Cooked raw seeds act as worm repellent. It expels out ringworms and roundworms from the body.
– The coffee obtained with the roasted seeds of the lead tree has anti-cancerous properties

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Subabul has a wide variety of uses and it was this multiplicity of roles that led to the worldwide reputation of the species as a ‘miracle tree’. Botanically named Leucaena leucocephala, it is a small fast-growing mimosoid tree. The flower heads are round white, puffballs. The flowers are followed by long, green to brown bean pods embedded with flat oval seeds. Common names include white dead tree, jumbay, river tamarind, Subabul, and white popinac.

Subabul seeds contain 65% TDN and 29% CP. Thus it is a good source of energy and protein. Subabul seeds contain toxic principle ‘Mimosine’ (a glucoside) which has adverse effect on growth, reproduction and health of animals. Mimosine may cause loss of hairs in young cattle.


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