VedoMax Rohida Chhal – Rohira Chaal – Rohitak Chal

VedoMax Rohida Chhal – Rohira Chaal – Rohitak Chal


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Benefits of VedoMax Rohida Chhal
    • Rohitkarishta reduce the enlargement of the spleen
      eliminate liver disorder
    • Rohitkarishta eliminate colitis disease
      in gum disease
    • Rohitkarishta slows down digestive fire
    • Helpful in fighting heart diseases
    • beneficial in pandu disease
    • eliminate collectible disease
    • Rohitkarishta eliminate inflammation
      in skin diseases
    • eliminate piles disease
    • Balance Kapha and Pitta

More Details

VedoMax Rohida Chhal – Rohira Chaal – Rohitak Chal 

Rohitaka is a medium-sized tree growing in the Himalayan belt and plains of North and West India to a height of 6-10 m. The leaves of the tree resemble that pomegranate leaves. The flowers are yellow or bright orange in color is seen in the month of April and May. The tree produces quality timber.


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