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Kali Haldi is known as Black Turmeric and is used in black magic and Tantrik Sadhana in Tantra. “Black Turmeric” is of superior value specially used for the Vashikaran intentions. The color of the real kali Haldi varies from blackish red to dark black. The Rootstalk of Kali Haldi has a bitter, sharp, hot taste, and a pleasant odor. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

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Kali turmeric or Narkhar is an important plant which grown large scale in Bengal. Black turmeric, also known as Curcuma Cassia or Black Zedoary, is found in parts of North East India and Madhya Pradesh. The plant grows similarly to yellow turmeric, with pale yellow flowers which have a reddish border. It is a rare herb which is available in both powder and root forms.

Turmeric is a finger-like species. Unlike turmeric, Black turmeric is more like ginger in appearance and black turmeric is characterized by its bluish color whereas turmeric is yellow. Yellow turmeric and black turmeric both are found particularly in India. Black turmeric is so expensive than yellow turmeric as it has more medicinal benefits and It is one of the risk species in India. Both species have some common medicinal features.


Many medicinal properties are found in black turmeric, Kali Haldi is helpful for toothache, rashes, stomach problems, and osteoarthritis. It is considered beneficial for both health and skin. One should always consume it in an average amount which also helps in Regulating blood sugar and controlling weight loss. It maintains bile production in the body and helps in proper digestion. it is also a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Black turmeric offers several health benefits.

How to take black turmeric?

Kali Haldi, cut it into chunks then blend along with, ginger, lemon, and cucumber for a health-boosted green smoothie for breakfast.

One of the most popular uses of the black turmeric taproot or root is to crush it into a paste and apply it to anyone suffering from gastric issues, including stomach aches and dysentery. Black turmeric powder can mixed with water and consumed to get relief from gastric stress.

Common names

Narkhar, Kali Haldi,  Curcuma Caesia, Black turmeric or Black zedoary

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