Importance of Khubkala Seeds


It belong to the family of Brassicaceae. In India, this plant is mainly found in the places of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir, Punjab, and Haryana. Khubkala Seeds are also called Hedge because some of its effects are similar to mustard. Hedge Mustard plants generally grow in July and August. Its English name is London Rocket and its Botanical name is Sisymbrium irio Linn.

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The Ancient Greeks believed that Hedge Mustard was an antidote to all poisons. Nowadays, its edible leaves and seeds are used for salads dressing in Europe, it is regularly cultivated to make popular condiments from their seeds. Khubkala seeds contain glycosides which act as contractile force on the cardiac muscles and are mostly used in the treatment of cardiac failure.

Benefits of Khubkala Seeds

The seeds of the plant are helpful in treating coughs, chest congestion, fever, asthma, loss of voice, etc. It is also helpful in typhoid, and rheumatism, to detoxify the liver and spleen, reduce swelling/inflammation, rheumatism, clean wounds, and piles.

Hedge mustard called Khubkala in Ayurveda. Its seeds balance Vata Dosha and are useful in fever and cough. It is mentioned in Ayurvedic Samhitas and Nighantus and it is a recent explanation into Ayurvedic pharmacopeia about it.

Uses and Effectiveness

  • It is Antibacterial.
  • It helps in the detoxification of the liver.
  • It can also help with chest congestion.
  • It helps to reduce fever.
  • Hedge Mustard Seed can also help in treating coughs.
  • It helps in swelling of the gallbladder.
  • It helps in treating coughs.
  • It helps in urinary tract diseases.

How to take Khubkala Seeds

The appropriate dosage of khubkala depends on various factors such as the user’s health, age, and several other conditions. Khubkala Seeds should take 4 grams twice a day for more than a couple of weeks and as directed by the Physician.

Common Names

Khubkala Lal Beej, Sisymbrium Irio Linn, Hedge Mustard seed, Khoobkala Lal Seeds, Khakchi, Hedge seed.

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