VedoMax helps us to know the importance of medicinal herbs.

VedoMax Brand helps us to know the importance of medicinal herbs.

They are also gearing up to raise funds for future expansion. They are planning to launch in UAE and Australia. The company aims to raise $5 – $10 million in Series A Round. 

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What is the main challenge for VedoMax?

Co-Founder “Farhan” – The main challenge is awareness. People in today’s world do not have an idea about what herbs are? How they can benefit us” and how to use them”. 

Certain herbs like Ashwagandha and Mulethi have been little famous because companies use their extracts to solve health problems. But what if I tell you there are around 100+ herbs that big pharma companies are using to solve a problem as their secret ingredients. They always mention the name of that herb in a chemical way through which it becomes difficult to catch the name of the herb as every herb has 12+ names.

So we would like to create awareness among the customers and want people always to make an informed decision.

What is your Vision?

Co-Founder “Aman” – There are mainly two visions. 

  • First, To make customers aware of Indian Ayurveda Herbs and their long term benefits. 
  • Second, AYURVEDA HERBS are related to India only! We want to take ayurvedic Herbs Internationally so that every individual can enjoy its benefits globally.

How many varieties of Herbs do you have? What problems are they solving?

We are having almost all the herbs under VedoMax today. Every herb has its benefits – 

  • People having Diabetes can have Paneer Doda, Jamun Powder, Indrajau Kadwa, etc. 
  • People suffering from Bone & Joint problems can have Amba Haldi Powder, Babool Phali Powder etc. 

We also have made sections on our portal where customers can select a problem for which the person is looking, and then all the options related to the herbs will automatically be displayed. 

How do customers get to know how to use these Herbs? 

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