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Unnab Ber or Jujube is a sweet, tasty fruit that reminds many of us of our school days when we used to buy these from fruit vendors outside the school, known for offering a unique kind of thrill while enjoying every single bite. It found on a large scale during the spring season in India, it is cultivated widely in countries like Africa, India, China, and Australia. This wonder fruit boasts an impressive nutrient profile that delivers a ton of healing health benefits. 

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It is a Fruit that we are eager to have with lots of Joyness. Unnab Ber is used as an edible fruit and also available medicinally in the traditional system of medicine. Medicinally, it is used as an expectorant, stomach, digestive, laxative, blood purifier, and anti-pruritus.

Benefits Of Unnab Ber

The berries are analgesic, anodyne, anticancer, blood purifier, cardiotonic, demulcent, digestive, diuretic, emollient, expectorant, hepatoprotective, hypnotic, hypotensive, immune tonic, invigorating, mild laxative, nutritive, pectoral, refrigerant, rejuvenating, mild sedative, spleen tonic, stomachic and a tonic.

High in Antioxidants

Unnab Ber is a rich source of Antioxidants are substances that may prevent or delay types of cell damage, including damage caused by chemicals called free radicals. It also has compounds such as flavonoids, polysaccharides, and triterpenic acids. Some of these compounds have antioxidant properties. 

It helps in skin rejuvenation, wound healing, promoting digestion, strengthening bones, and weight loss. It has potential in the use of protecting the heart, against anxiety, insomnia, memory, and cancer, boosting immunity, and controlling blood sugar levels.

Some terrific benefits of Unnab Ber

  • Helps You Sleep Better. 
  • Chronic Constipation Relief. 
  • Soothes Anxiety. 
  • Rich In Vitamin C. 
  • Regulates Blood Pressure. 
  • Regulates Blood Circulation. 
  • Improves Bone Strength.

Other names

Unnab ber, Sukhey ber, jujube, Desi ber, Chinese Date, Indian jujube, red dates, Indian plum, Chinee apple, dunks, Korean date, India dates, Ber, Regu.

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