VedoMax Sakmuniya Dali – Saqmoonia Dali – Convolvulus Scammonia

VedoMax Sakmuniya Dali – Saqmoonia Dali – Convolvulus Scammonia


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Benefits Of VedoMax Sakmuniya Dali
  • SAQMOONIA DALI active principle is the glucoside scammonin or jalapin.
  • The dose of ammonium is 5 to 10 grains, of scammony resin 3 to 8 grains.
  • Like certain other resins, scammony is inert until it has passed from the stomach into the duodenum.
  • where it meets the bile, a chemical reaction occurs between it and the taurocholate and glycocholate of sodium.

More Details

VedoMax Sakmuniya Dali – Saqmoonia Dali – Convolvulus Scammonia 

Sakmuniya Dali, known commonly as scammony, is a bindweed native to the countries of the eastern part of the Mediterranean basin; it grows in bushy waste places, from Syria in the south to the Crimea in the north, its range extending westward to the Greek islands, but not to northern Africa or Italy.

Form: Raw Herb

Other Names:

Saqmooniyaa, Mahmooda, Scammony, Bindweed, Scammony résine, Purgierwinde, Kleinasiatische Winde, Saqmonia, Saqmunia,  Convolvulus scammonia Linn, Saqmonia, Saqmoonia


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