Vedomax Makoy Phal – Makoh Fruit – Makoi – Mokoi – Solanum Nigrum

Vedomax Makoy Phal – Makoh Fruit – Makoi – Mokoi – Solanum Nigrum


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Vedomax Makoy Phal Benefits
  • Constipation Treatment
  •  Beneficial in Hard Stool, Uneasiness in Stomach, Improves Digestion.
  • Cervical Treatment
  • Beneficial in Neck Stiffness, Neck Pain, Muscle Spasm & Headache.
  • Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment
  • Beneficial in Fatigue, Vomit, Loss of Appetite, Feet and Ankle Swelling.

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Vedomax Makoy Phal – Makoh Fruit – Makoi – Mokoi – Solanum Nigrum 

It is known as Black Nightshade in English and Makoi in Hindi. Its botanical name is Solanum nigrum.

To aid skin diseases, a paste may be prepared with Makoy leaves and must be applied over the affected area. Juice from the fresh leaves of the plant helps in treating stomach ulcers. Berries of the herb promote respiratory health. The juice of the herb helps in treating fever and eliminates pain.

Form: Dried Raw Herb

Other Names: Inab al-tha’lab, Inab al-dhi’b, Damiyaa, Gurkamai, Kakmachi, Black Nightshade, Garden Nightshade, Petty Morel, Deadly Nightshade, Morelle noir , Schwarzer Nachtschatten, Giftbeere, Hundsbeere, Mondscheinkraut, Saukraut, Sautod, Piludi, Makoi, Makoy, Mako, Ganikayeagida, Ganikegida, ganike, Ganikesopu, Kage hanninagids, Solanum nigrum Linn, Kanoni, Ghati, Rubaah Turbuk, Angoor Shifa, Roozbaaragh, Mako, Kakmachi, Kakamachika, Makoh, Mako

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