Vedomax Kamila Powder – Kamela Powder – Camila Powder – Mallotus Philippinensis

Vedomax Kamila Powder – Kamela Powder – Camila Powder – Mallotus Philippinensis


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According to Ayurveda, leaves are bitter, cooling and appetizer. Fruit is heating, Purgative, anthelmintic, vulnerary, detergent, maturant, carminative, alexiteric and useful in treatment of bronchitis, abdominal diseases, spleen enlargement etc.

Medicinal Applications Action: anthelmintic, aphrodisiac, cathartic, lithotriptic Uses: aperients purgative tapeworms. The main use of this herb is as powder obtain by crushing of the fruits or capsules.

The Kamila/Kapila Herbs Powder is use in eye-diseases. It is also a folk remedy for tape-worm. Taken internally, Kamila reportedly removes leprous eruptions. The powder from the plant is use to produce orange-brown die for coloring silk. Safety: This Kamila Powder herb may cause nausea or gripping before purging. No other information about the safety of this herb is available. Use caution. Ayurvedic herbs are often take in combination with others to neutralize the toxicity one herb with the opposing effect of other.

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Kamila Powder/Kapila Herbs Powder (कमिला पाउडर) : The Kamila Powder of the tree is use in dyeing, and for cutaneous eruptions. Also use by the Arabs internally for leprosy and in solution to remove freckles and pustules. In this country, it has been successfully use for an eruption in children known as wildfire. The powder is rub over the affect part with moist lint. Its greatest use, however, is in the use of tapeworm, being safer and more certain than other cures. The worm is pass whole and generally dead.

Kamila acts quickly and actively as a purgative, and often causes much griping and nausea, but seldom vomiting. It may be given in water mucilage or syrup. The worm is usually expel at the third or fourth stool; if it fails to act. The dose is repeat after four hours, or a dose of castor oil is given. Kamila Powder is largely use in India externally for cutaneous troubles, and is most effective for scabies. It has been successfully employ in herpetic ringworm (a disease very prevalent there), and as a taenifuge it has been use.

Kamila Powder is a plant in the spurge family. It is known as the kamila tree or red kamila or kumkum tree, due to the fruit covering, which produces a red dye. Kapila Herbs Powder has many other local names. This Kapila Herbs Powder often appears in rainforest margins.


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