Vedomax Gular Phal – Gular Fal – Gular Fruit – Ficus Carica

Vedomax Gular Phal – Gular Fal – Gular Fruit – Ficus Carica


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Health Benefits of Gular Phal
  • Treats Ulcer And Oral Infections. The fruits and the leaf extract of Gular possess anti-ulcer properties. …
  • Regulates Sugar and Cholesterol Levels. Consuming the extract of the stem bark can help in regulating high blood sugar levels. …
  • Cools Inflammation. …
  • Heals Wounds. …
  • Boosts Immunity.
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Vedomax Gular Phal – Gular Fal – Gular Fruit – Ficus Carica 

The fruits are edible and full of nutrition. Fruits are cooling, cardiac tonic and useful in urinary diseases, bile disorders, menstrual disorders. The leaves fresh juice or decoction is used in treatment of many diseases. The description of Udumbara or Gular tree is even given in Ved.

Form: Dried Raw Herb – Fruit

Other Names: Teen, Himaat, Doomoor, Anjir, Wu hua kuo, Common Fig, Figuier commun, Figue, Feigenbaum, Echte Feige, Anjra, Anjir, Anjeer, Anjura, Anjuri Ficus carica Linn, Injeer, Unjoor, Ficus carica Linn, Anjir, Injeer, Anjeer, Anjira, Phalgu, Manjula, Injeer Zard, Anjeer, Gooler

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