Vedomax Fan Khari, Crunchy Tea Time Snack Biscuits, Fan biscuit, Cookies

Vedomax Fan Khari, Crunchy Tea Time Snack Biscuits, Fan biscuit, Cookies


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This is for all those who believe that Khari is a low fat biscuit, probably due to its lightweight and wafer thin appearance. Here’s dispelling the myth — Khari is one of the most fattening varieties of biscuits. You surely don’t know what goes into giving you that crisp flaky crumbly texture.

The main ingredients of Khari are maida (refined flour), vanaspati (hydrogenated vegetable fat) and salt. The difference between this and other biscuits is that each layer of the biscuit has a thick coat of vanaspati on it, making it not just fattening but also not-so-healthy for the heart, thanks to the saturated fat.

Some stores do stock ‘diet khari‘. However, always keep in mind that the crisp, flaky texture of the biscuit is possible only because of the fat. So, it is not possible to make the ‘diet’ variety without altering the end product unfavourably.

More Details

Khari biscuit, or the puff pastry as it is known in English, has multiple origin stories. The most well-known tale features Claudius Gele, a French pastry cook’s apprentice. It seems that Claudius wished to feed his father who was severely ill and ordered by the doctor to consume nothing more than water, flour and butter. With those three ingredients, Claudius went about working, preparing the dough, slathering butter, folding the dough on top of itself, adding butter and repeating the process. The pastry-cook watching his young apprentice advised Claudius against putting this dough in the oven as the butter would run out from the center. Nevertheless, Claudius persisted and placed the dough in the oven. Both the young apprentice and the seasoned chef marveled at what had been created. Many years later, when Claudius left his teacher to begin his pastry shop, he sold puff pastries along with others and became a wealthy and renowned baker in his own right.


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