VedoMax Bicchu Phal, Bichu Phal

VedoMax Bicchu Phal, Bichu Phal


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Used in Ayurveda medicine to treat asthma, tuberculosis and skin infections.

Provides relief from sore throat, itching, burns and epilepsy.

Bichhu Phal Herbs is helpful for diabetes and depression patients.

Being anti-bacterial, analgesic and antioxidant, it helps heal wounds faster.

Bichhu Phal Herbs plant is used for making beads and other native ornaments. It has been applied for numerous supposed treatments in Ayurveda and Siddha folk medicine.

More Details

 Names: Bichoofal, Bichhu Phal, Bichhu Fruit, Bicchu Fal, Bichua Fruit, … Bichchu Fal, Baghnoki, Baghnakh, Claw, Cerasnaya.

 Bichhu Phal Herbs is dried fruit of plant growing in semi-arid, sub-tropical and tropical regions. It is also known as Hata Jori, Garuda Mukku, and kaktundi and martynia annua. Baghnakh Seeds is used for making beads and ornaments, and has a history of folk medicine uses in the Indian subcontinent.

Martynia is widely naturalized across subtropical and tropical world regions, particularly in Central America and the Indian subcontinent. It is typically found in uncultivated fields and arable lands from plains to 1,500 meters.

The tubular flowers (3-5 cm long) are borne in small clusters (i.e. racemes) near the tips of the branches, each cluster containing several flowers. They are pink, lavender or whitish in colour with darker purplish colored markings on the five petal lobes and a line of yellow spots in the throat. Bichhu Phal Herbs flowers are borne on stalks (i.e. pedicels) 10-20 mm long and have two stamens. Flowering occurs during summer and autumn.

Bichhu Phal Herbs fruit is a relatively large fleshy capsule containing two large seeds. Baghnakh Seeds fruit are initially green in colour but turn grey to black and become woody as they mature. Each fruit tapers to a short curved projection (i.e. beak or horn) that splits to form two curved ‘claws’ topped with short spines (body of fruit 2-3 cm long and 1-2 cm wide, with horns 5-10 mm long). The seeds are brown to black in colour, oblong in shape and somewhat flattened.


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