Vedomax Bhikamali – Dikamali – Gardenia Gummifera – भीकमाली

Vedomax Bhikamali – Dikamali – Gardenia Gummifera – भीकमाली


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Benefits of Bhikamali

  • This species can be helpful in treating digestive problems, including dyspepsia and diarrhea; or used as an astringent and expectorant for nervous conditions and spasms.
  • The tree is the source of a resin called Dikkamali resin
  • The leaf buds yield a transparent, bright yellow gum-resin
  • Bhikamali  is used to keep off flies and worms
  • The yellowish-white wood is close-grained and hard
  • It is antimicrobial, wound healing and analgesic. It is useful in toothache and teething problems of children (robbing latex to the gums) and anthelmintic.

More Details

Vedomax Bhikamali – Dikamali – Gardenia Gummifera – भीकमाली

Gardenia gummifera is a shrub or small deciduous tree. The Bhikamali plant is harvested from the wild for its gum resin, which is used locally and traded.

Form: Dried Raw Herb

Other Names: Nadihingu, Nadi hingu, Dikamali, Cambia gum or resin, Bikke, Bukke, Dikkemalli, Dikamalapi, Sinna kambil, Telbampa, Bheekamali, Deekamalli

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