VedoMax Atish Kadwi – Ativisha Bitter – Atiwisha – Ateesh – Aconitum Heterophyllum

VedoMax Atish Kadwi – Ativisha Bitter – Atiwisha – Ateesh – Aconitum Heterophyllum


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  • Dried Herb
  • We provide Authentic Herbs, prepared according to the GMP guidelines. Exceptional consideration is taken to utilize the new and pure ingredients, the herbs are appropriately scrubbed and handled according to the customary techniques to hold its regular smell, shading, taste and viability and keeping up the quality.
  • Non GMO, No Trans-fats, cooking oils, No chemicals, preservatives, Colors, flavours, Nothing artificial added.
  • Wild Harvested Herbs.

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Atees is a herbaceous, erect, Biennial; leaves more or less hetronorphom; flower blue or violet, fruit follicles. Root tuberous in pairs of whitish or grey breaks very easily and tastes very bitter. The plant is found in the sub-alpine and alpine zone of the Himalayas, between 2400-3600 m altitude.

Form: Raw Herb

Other Names:

Atees, Arand, Ateicha, atis, atvika, athibaje, athivisha, ativitayam, atavish, athivish, Atis, bikh, amrita, aruna, ataicha, atisaraghni, ativisa, adhividayam, adivitaiyam, akuculapu, athivaasa, atirasa, ativasa, atees, atis shirin, beesh

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