Niranjan Phal Benefits

What is Niranjan phal

Niranjan phal is also called the China fruit for some reason, even though it grows wild in India. The primary property of the fruit of the Niranjan plant is that it acts as a blood coagulant. These nuts are mainly produced in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India. It is usually collected from the month of April to June when the fruits become ripe and cracked and the seeds are token and dried in the sun. 

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In a traditional Indian medical school known as Ayurveda, the Niranjan Phal (Malva Nut) is used to treat various colon disorders including Hemorrhoids, Anal fissures, and also Ulcers of the digestive tract. It is also used to treat bleeding due to fibroids in the Uterus.

Niranjan Phal Benefits

Niranjan Phal Benefits in cases of acidity and piles. It is like a beetle nut.  Malva nuts are used in cooking and drinks.

The nuts have various medicinal properties; they have been known for helping treat coughing and sore throats, decrease body temperature and treat intestinal infections. The nuts contain protein, carbohydrate, fiber, sodium, calcium, iron, iodine, vitamin B1, and B2.

Cooling Cools down the entire body are recommended for ailments: Fever, Cough, Flu, Phlegm, Sinus, Asthma, Pneumonia, and Sore Throat.


Soak one Niranjan Phal in a cup of water overnight. De-seed the fruit in the morning. Eat fruit and drink water. Niranjan Phal is tasteless, so you can add some sugar or honey to the water before drinking. It will adds some taste to it.

Common Name

Niranjan Phal, Niranjan fal, Malva nut,  Sterculia lychnophora

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