Benefits Of Chirmati Lal


The Chirmati Lal seeds are considered poisonous in Ayurveda and a specific method has been written to purify them. The purified Abrus is a nerve stimulant and is used in Vata disorders like joint pains and paralysis. The paste of seeds is applied locally to alopecia and skin diseases. It helps to solve digestive problems and improves appetite and taste. It also has some beneficial effects on vision Wound healing improves with the use of Gunja and helps improve the texture of the skin and hair. Gunja also helps strengthen immunity and provides bodily strength working as a general body strengthener.

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Other Names

It is the strong field of Lakshmi.
Gunja, Ratti, Gunchi,Ganji, Rati, Runji, Lagrigunchi, Ratak, Gunjaa, Madhuyashtika, Raktika, Rati, Gundumani, Kunyi, Kunyimni, Kundu manni, Kuntumani, Gunja, Guriginja, Raktgunja, Rakt Gunja, Guruginia, Guruvenda, Raktika, Khakshi, Qirat, Surkh, Ganchi, Guncai, Gunch, Gunche, Kunch, Masha, Patahika Kundumani, Gulugunji, Ratti, Chirmi Beads, jequirity bean, rosary pea, or crab-eye seed, Batrah hindi, Qulqul, Shashm, Liluwani, Raturmani, Chun hali, Gunj (Goontch), Gunja, Gunjika, Gurgonje, Kunch, Kuncha, Chanothi, Gulganju, Gulugani, Gulugunji, Gungi, Madhuka, Kenderi, Piling-piling, Pokok saga, Pokok tasbih, Saga, Taning bajang, Kunni, Chanoti, Gunja, Goonteh, Gunehi, Madhuyashti

Benefit Of Chirmati Lal

Sexual Disorders 

  1. It is a strong aphrodisiac that works naturally to improve sexual stamina and help in naturally dealing with sexual disorders.
  2. It is also effective in people suffering from low sperm counts or other similar problems related to sperm formation.
  3. Gunja Seeds or Chimi beej also helps to manage digestive problems and improve appetite and taste.
  4. Gunja Seed also used to managing minor coughs and cold-like problems rheumatoid arthritis, skin disorders, worm infestations, dizziness, asthma, excessive thirst, and poisoning.

Other Benefits

  1. Wound Healing.
  2. Improving texture of the skin and hair.
  3. Acts as Body Strengthener.


Gunja seeds should be avoided in children and pregnant or lactating women. Though overdosage of Gunja may cause poisoning.
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Benefits Of Chirmati Lal

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