Benefits Of Choti Harad

Introduction Of Choti Harad

Choti Harad, Kali Harad, and Laghu Harad destroy numerous diseases and eliminate all the waste from the body. Apart from this, it promotes tissue growth and health. Moreover, it has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. So, what are you waiting for, Let’s learn its benefits?


Helps in digestion & Constipation

It is chewed or taken in powder form to increase the digestion power. Also, It is an astonishing herb to fix all sorts of stomach issues.

Effective Cure for Piles 

It is said that Choti Harad increases appetite and improves absorption, effective in treating piles, gastrointestinal infections, and diarrhea.

Weight Loss 

Harad is also used for weight loss. As per experts, mix a spoon full of Haritaki powder with a glass of warm water and consume it every day on empty stomach.

How to Consume Haritaki  

It can be chewed, or its powder can be taken with warm water or milk. It can also be taken as tea or its paste can be applied to the skin or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Helps in Skin Disorders 

It is used to treat various skin disorders associated with allergies, urticaria, and skin rash due to its Ropan (healing) and Rasayana Properties.

Helps in Oral Problems 

It is useful in oral issues, especially mouth ulcers and draining gums.

Other Benefits of Choti Harad includes

  • Contains Anti-cancer properties by killing cancer cells.
  • Contains Anti-bacterial activity.
  • Benefit for Diabetes.
  • Advantageous to the Liver.
  • Benefits of Cough and Cold.
  • Benefits in Arthritis.


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